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Custom Knit Stocking Advent Calendar

++++ ORDERS close August 20, 2022 for delivery by November 20, 2022! +++

Nothing can compare to the excitement on a child’s face on Christmas morning, and now they can experience that feeling every morning in December. What better way to start the Christmas Season than to hang your Christmas Stockings… or 25 of them!

Each stocking, knit from California wool from Meridian Jacobs and Timm Ranch, measures approximately 6 inches from top to toe. They are the perfect size for gift cards, candy bars, small toys, tiny stuffed animals, and even an elf on the shelf!

These stockings were knit on an antique circular sock knitting machine. A loop of yarn is securely attached to each stocking to hang on a garland, on your Christmas tree or all over your home, thus making it very versatile.

Advent Calendar Stockings - $460

When you purchase this item you will receive:

  • 25 knit stockings - 100% Wool -  measuring approximately 6 inches from top to toe
  • 25 bamboo numbered tags with removable loop pin
  • 3 yard length of cotton cord - cut to length to fit your fireplace, or to shorter lengths to hang in rows, you will need to attach the stockings to the cord with the loops or clip on with clothes pins (not included)
  • Reversible Drawstring bag to storage bag - Christmas themed


Due to the nature of hand knit and wet finishing, stocking dimensions may vary slightly.