Japanese Indigo - Seedlings Pre-Order for Pick up in Northern California, April 2024

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Pre-Order your Japanese Indigo seedlings for your 2024 garden! Pre-ordered seedlings will be available for pickup in Northern California in April 2024.  

Seedlings will be approximately 4-8 inches tall and ready to plant when picked up in April 2024. By pre-ordering you are ensuring that we will have enough seedlings available for those that want to grow indigo without the hassle of planting from seeds!


Growing Japanese Indigo Persicaria Tinctoria


Life Cycle



 Half-hardy annual


 Full Sun


 2' - 3'


 12" apart


 Rich, fertile, well-drained; 
 pH neutral



When planning your space, on average each plant will yield enough pigment to dye one ounce of fiber.  I recommend planting 5-10 plants for a small garden.



Seed indigo indoors in trays or cells. Maintain a damp not sopping moisture level

Potting On

Potting on gives indigo time to establish good root formation. (Three weeks after potting or before planting in the ground, pinch out preliminary center leaves to encourage plants to bush.)

First harvest should be 6-8 weeks after planting in the ground.  Plant outside after threat of frost, in a sunny location.

Indigo prefers warm sunny environments and lots of regular water, especially as it matures.

Soil Preparation

Indigo loves nitrogen rich soil (ph 7). Apply compost prior to planting to encourage good microbes.

Planting and Feeding

Indigo thrives in full to partial sun. Shelter from wind. Plant in 12 inch intervals between each plant. Water consistently, daily if necessary.

Feed every 6-12 weeks, before and after each harvest.