What people are saying about Gynna Made!  



I can't believe how cute these are. And you created just the right colors, in the right sequence. All the little touches are beautiful. I look forward to enjoying these for many years.



Let me share three reasons why you need these socks.

1. They're amazingly comfortable. You expect a lot from your feet. Show them how much you appreciate them with these socks.

2. If we don't support our local businesses, soon we'll all be serving under our corporate overlords.

3. There is something very special about owning something made by hand using traditional techniques. So get a pair, you'll be glad you did.



Delightfully surprised


I received a pair of these socks as a gift and will admit to being skeptical when I read "wool" and "handmade" on the label. My neck itched as flashbacks of scratchy Christmas sweaters with two different length sleeves came to mind. I was delightfully surprised when I opened the package and realized my fears were unfounded. They were both the same size and look more professionally made than any pair I've ever bought in a store. The material was squishy and comfy and I swear they get softer every time I wear them. I'm so impressed I just ordered myself a couple more pairs!


Warning: socks that change your life

Warning: these socks will change your laundry habits. Seriously! I ordered a few more pairs after I caught myself washing clothes twice a week just so I could wear these socks more often.





I received this hat as a gift for my newborn daughter and I love it! It is very soft and cuddly for her. The color combination is beautiful and it is very well made. It has been a wonderful accent in many baby photos as well. 



I got this beanie for my 2 year old daughter and she loves it. It is always the first one she chooses to wear and it looks adorable on. It is warm but not cumbersome and has seen her through the last several winter storms. It is very soft and is wearing well despite the frequent use of a toddler. I am so glad the style allows for lots of room to grow because we will be enjoying it for a long time!



I got this to match a Grow With Me beanie for my 2 year old daughter to use on her doll. It has been a winning combination. Because my daughter loves her beanie her dolly​ ends up wearing this alot as well! It also fit on a 6lb real baby so is quite versatile. I'm so glad to have it!



I have a couple of Gynna's headbands and this one is very nicely made, I love the tweed of the yarn, the knit fabric has a soft feel to it and it's very comfortable to wear. I can't wait for the narrower ones.
Shipping was super speedy and packed very nicely.