Knit Socks

Do you love wearing knit socks but don’t knit?

Love to knit, but the idea of spending hours of valuable knitting time making extra large socks for the mister just isn’t your idea of fun?

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the person who has everything?

We have the perfect solution for you!

Using an antique circular sock knitting machine, I have pre-knit socks in colorways you are sure to love and adore. 

Don’t see your size or colorway? Don’t worry! I will knit a pair of socks just for you! Click on Knit to Order - Socks to order your pair!


 Gynna Made Knit Socks, Sizing Chart

Testimonials - What people are saying about Gynna Made Knit Socks

  • I received a pair of these socks as a gift and will admit to being skeptical when I read "wool" and "handmade" on the label. My neck itched as flashbacks of scratchy Christmas sweaters with two different length sleeves came to mind. I was delightfully surprised when I opened the package and realized my fears were unfounded. They were both the same size and look more professionally made than any pair I've ever bought in a store. The material was squishy and comfy and I swear they get softer every time I wear them. I'm so impressed I just ordered myself a couple more pairs!

  • Warning: these socks will change your laundry habits. Seriously! I ordered a few more pairs after I caught myself washing clothes twice a week just so I could wear these socks more often.



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